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“What would happen if everyone in the world understood the concept
and experience of work through women’s eyes?” ~ Renee Vaughan



The MN Women & Work Oral History Collection seeks to document, explore, and interpret the historical roots of women's participation in both waged and unwaged work spheres, and to make this information readily available to interested persons.

We seek to answer the question:
What would happen if everyone in the world understood the concept and experience of work though women's eyes?

Minnesota Women & Work Oral History Collection Team

  • Renee Vaughan
    Founder and Director
  • Tom O'Connell
    Project Mentor
    Metropolitan State University
  • Anh Hoang
    Intern, 2004
  • Cathy Lattu
    Intern, 2004
  • Danielle Pryor
    Intern, 2004
  • Paige Berg
    Intern, 2003
    Kelly Cox
    Intern, 2003
  • Jana Craft
    Intern, 2001
  • John See
    Web Developer
  • Barb Kucera
    Project Mentor
    Workday Minnesota
  • Center for Community-Based Learning
    Metropolitan State University
  • Workday Minnesota
Special thanks to: all the women and men who have participated in this collection.


To expand and diversify our collection so that it reflects the work contributions of Minnesota’s female work force. Future areas of interpretation/facilitation will include rural women; migrant women; women of color; women with different-abilities; lesbian, bi-sexual, and trans-gendered women; tradeswomen; etc.

To incorporate the use of oral history within a variety of disciplines, and with a variety of persons. It is our intent the MN Women & Work Oral History Collection will be utilized by inter-disciplinary scholars, secondary students, community researchers, and all interested community members.

To build community partnerships with a variety of organizations which will widen the support of the work contributions of Minnesota women.

To lead contemporary research in the intersecting fields of MN women, work, and oral history.

Dedicated to:
Madeline and Jackson and their generation.


  • MN Historical Society,
    Collection Photos
  • MN Labor Interpretive Center, MN Labor History Map

Additional thanks to:
Susan Giguere, Nancy Black, Russ Fridley, David Stevens, Nellie Stone Johnson, Irene Wallin, Sylvia Koll, Sandi Treml, Helen Mae Casey, Carol Perkins, Donna Langston, Audre Lorde